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Winter Music Conference Miami 2008: The Revival of Acid House??

27 Mar

 Soooo much to see and experience at the Winter Music Conference 2008 and only one petite body!!!! 

Since everyone’s experience is different depending on the shows they go to, here is my take on it. Based on the sets and the shows I went to, this year was the revival of ACID HOUSE. A caveat, don’t just take my word on the shows reviewed check out the footage of the nights for yourself!!!

Tuesday March 25th, 2008

Benny Benassi, MSTRKRFT, & Boys Noize @ Mansion

Ok so it is March 25th, 2008 and the Winter Music Conference finally arrives. A year ago Crystal Castles, PEACHES, The Presets, and Dj Hell opened up the conference @ Mansion. This year it also started at Mansion, but with some of the heavy masters of electro house–Boys Noize, MSTRKRFT, and Mr. Satisfaction himself Benny Benassi.  Boys Noize banged with his tough but always funky mixing, which kept everyone pumped and asking for more at every breakdown. His playlist blended rave, with that warm acid house piano, and of course underlying everything was analog sound. His remix of Feist’s “My Moon My Man” closed the set. MSTRKRFT played classic electro house, they teased the crowd with “killing on the dance floor” and they definitely played “easy love.” Tracks from other people that definitely stuck in my mind were those by Green Velvet and Vitalic. Though their set was true electro funk and kept the party flowing, it was definitely a FUN set, but not an innovative one. Finally Benny Benassi mixed great trancy and analog house music that filled the room with DEEP sound. One track had an amazing bass guitar that sounded similar to that used by The Cure in any of their songs. Benassi’s set was a professional mix, but the remix of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”stopped the night to a screeching halt for me. Overall the consensus on the walk home with my girlfriends was that Boys Noize was the hero of the night!

On to Thursday March 27th, 2008

Erol Alkan, Boyz Noize, & Digitalism-Scion Soiree @ The Raleigh Hotel Pool

This line up was amazing on its own, but add to it palm trees, a beautiful blue sky, 73F degree weather, a light breeze, a pool and bikinis, and you get the classic WMC feel. Erol Alkan started playing around 3pm the tracks were tough and dark for a day party, but he banged it anyways. Among these, Alkan played a track that mixed a Moroccan snake charmer with techno, which rocked. He finished his set with “Blind” by Hercules and Love Affair, which is a beautiful disco song that WILL be a CLASSIC– the lead singer’s voice is just phenomenal. Next up was Boys Noize of course! This poolside set started up with some electro Miami bass style, and slowly but surely he impeccably mixed his way to more pounding tracks, which really pleased the growing crowd. His mix of Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman” was a great breakdown to hear outdoors, but he played it long enough to tease the crowd, and kick the beat back to get the party going. At the end of this incredible lineup was a live performance by Digitalism!!!! This was an amazing sunset appearance. Their live PA included ‘zdarlight,’ ‘fire in Cairo,’ ‘idealistic,’ ‘Homezone,’ and they ended their set with ‘Pogo,’ which was just beautiful.


Friday March 28th, 2008

Calvin Harris, Institubes (Surkin, ParaOne and Bobmo), The Toxic Avenger and Franki Chan- Scion Sound Ceremony@Raleigh Hotel

The second day of music at the Raleigh Poolside started with Calvin Harris on the decks. The crowd was more relaxed than the day before when it was filled with NYC hipsters arriving in their sweaters and black skinny jeans. Friday was filled with girls in bikinis enjoying more of the pool than the music. Institubes started playing around 3:30 and Surkin was first up. He did “Radio Fireworks” and had set up some acid house tracks, when the half the sound system just shut down and it started smelling like burnt rubber. Surkin got off stage and a replacement DJ went on stage.  Later Para One played and started the party again…


MSTRKRFT, Surkin, Boys Noize, & A-Track- Fool’s Gold Records Party @ Whiteroom

This party was no fool’s gold it was Solid Gold (except they could have used more sound). This was a FREE party with an original line up that included L.A. Riots, A-Track, and other Fool’s Gold artists. I arrived at the party around one, and I had just missed L.A. Riots (which was the reason for going), but MSTRKRFT was mixing, Chromeo was on stage, A-Track was on stage, Tommy Sunshine and Daniela were on stage, and the Institubes were on stage as well!!!! This was a total surprise to the crowd there, and people were simply amazed. This was TRULY an Acid House party. Right after MSTRKRFT finished their set, Surkin went on and just went OFF!! He played ‘Kiss & Fly’ and of course ‘White Knight Twoooo’!!! When Surkin got off the turntables Boyz Noize got on! After, A-Track got on the decks. Then, DJ Mehdi from Ed Recs and Annie Mac from BBC 1 got on stage, and A-Track played Justice as a teaser, then kept rocking it. I had to leave the party, but I heard the sound system fell right before A-Track was done so…..

Saturday March 29th, 2008

Boyz Noize, Simian Mobile Disco (Live PA), Erol Alkan, and – Fixed @ Studio A

This was another incredible line up, and for me the best party of the conference. Studio A, which locally is known for its lack of quality sound, had huge sets of additional speakers on stage… Boys Noize started playing at 2AM and rocked it. Simian Mobile Disco went on and started the set with “Sleep Deprivation,” this track’s warm analog and melodic sounds set the theme of their set. Among tracks played were, their remix of the The Go Team’s ‘Ladyflash’ and the Klaxon’s ‘Magick.’ From their stuff they played ‘Hustler,’ ‘The Beat,’ and ‘I believe’ among others… The intricacies of the synth and the warmth of the lights went hand in hand with the beautiful, but powerful beat. An ecstatic crowd continued to dance to Erol Alkan who just banged it. Alkan delivered a set that mixed techno and acid house, so dark acid house???? At the beginning there was a track with a huge overpowering bass line, he played the snake charmer track, which was OFF THE HOOK especially at a club setting. Towards the end he got going with some acid house, and played tracks with dark and soulful vocals. This was a mind-blowing set to say the least.