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The Art of Politics: McCain vs. Obama 2008 Presidential Elections

6 Oct

The U.S. 2008 Presidential Election has been an unprecedented event affecting political art. It is the first time a Woman and an African-American run for the presidency in the Democratic Party. It is also the first time the Republican Party chooses a Woman for Vice President.

Artists have responded to these events by producing artwork dealing with issues like the environment, the economy, and gender and security issues. The art-world’s political affiliation is skewed to the left, but it shows that Barack Obama, the Presidential Candidate for the Democratic party, has inspired many in the art, street art, graffiti art, and graphic art world to CREATE art on his behalf. The sale of art inspired Obama t-shirts via Internet vendors is incredible. Obama T-shirts of all kinds of sizes and colors display campaign symbols and slogans like: Obama for “Change,” “Hope,” “Progress,” “Barack the Vote,” “Go tell Moma, I’m for Obama,” and “Obama is My Homeboy.”

Some of the best political art sources are and Both sites show works being displayed on streets and galleries, and introduce artists or say where an anonymous artist’s work was seen. Below is my slide compiling some of the works displayed in these sites. Some of the best pieces are: Zoltron’s rendition of an Andy Warhol’s pop art portrait on Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin, Zina Saunder’s Playing House , the transformation of AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” and finally the street art, which is the roughest critique of the Bush/Cheney Administration and the McCain-Palin Ticket i.e. Billi Kid’s Palin Portrait. The work on Obama includes the different renditions of the Shepard Fairey Prints.

The following compilation of art work is organized by: the issues, the Bush-Cheney Administration, the Democratic Primary & Convention, the McCain-Palin Ticket, and the variety of works inspired by Barack Obama.

Before watching adjust youtube settings to high quality, to see the prints clearly. 


Works Featured

Tristan Eaton’s design underscores the fact that the economy not the Iraq War is the issue of the 2008 Presidential Campaign.


Even though women candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have been major contenders in this race, women voters have been split on whether to support a female or a male. Poll results so far (October 2008), have shown that women voters are choosing candidates they feel will support them on their issues (equal pay, a woman’s right to choose an abortion, affirmative action, among others), rather than voting for a woman simply because she represents their gender, i.e. Women are showing more support for the Barack Obama-Joe Biden Ticket over the John McCain-Sarah Palin Ticket.


Unite America

Jabba the Cheney



Shel Starkman’s Hope



Self Explanatory



A take on Andy Warhol’s print of himself with Jean-Michel Basquiat



Lieberman’s Hearbreak by Zina Saunders 



McCain & Palin Playing House by Zina Saunders



“The Difference between a Pit-Bull and a Hockey-mom is Lipstick,” part of her RNC speech.



Colombian born street-artist Billi Kid doing his rendition of Palin, which does justice to her eagerness to represent “Joe Six-pack.” Palin expressed to a talk-radio interview and at the 2008 Vice Presidential(VP) debate, that her VP aspiration was to represent “Joe Six-pack” and hockey-moms.
























Upper Playground by Burlesque Studios