Red Truck Gallery Representing Fine American Art @ Art Basel Miami 2008

20 Dec

The Red Truck Gallery from New Orleans showcased at the Bridge Art Fair located at the Catalina Hotel on Collins and 16th. As always the Catalina Hotel is a great venue because it is intimate, and as you walk from room to room, you are actually walking from gallery to gallery. The Red Truck Gallery stuck out as one of the best because of its color, music, and of course because of its art. As I walked in and saw the artwork, three people who were chatting casually greeted me, while they shot what sounded like a toy gun, drank beer, and listened to the blues. So right away, you were transported from the hotel/gallery world to “their world.” Most of the pieces had interesting wooden frames and bright warm colors. Although I thought I understood exactly what I was looking at, it wasn’t until one of the gallery guys mentioned that some of the pieces were quilts. This totally took me by surprise, since most of the pieces were encased in glass, and at first glance the artwork was ambiguous—they looked like comical paintings or prints. Once he said, “I just wanted to let you know what you were looking at…” I was hit by the intricacy of the pieces. According to the rep some of the works are a collaborative effort between quilters and painters. My favorite three pieces were: 1. “Awkard Social Encounters” by Chris Roberts-Antieau, which is hilarious (the improper back rubbing make me think of Pres. George W. Bush rubbing German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel’s back), 2. “Luchadores” by Bryan Cunningham, and 3.“Choctau” by Frank Relle.

“Awkard Social Encounters” by Chris Roberts-Antieau



Inappropriate Back-Rubbing a la Bush-Merkel



“Luchadores” by Bryan Cunningham



“Choctau” by Frank Relle – New Orleans Nightscapes this one is taken after Hurricane Katrina



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