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In Fashion Photo- A New Addition to Miami Art Basel’s 2008 Events

20 Dec

In Fashion Photo was very popular this year as it was the first annual exhibition—the first ever of its kind—and because it opened with a Naomi Campbell Retrospective, it had a fashionable opening with celebs, VIPs and of course wannabes.  It was located under an overpass in a parking lot turned art exhibit so the venue was really cool. The photography was excellent, as it was to be expected since it showcased world-class fashion photographers such as: Michael Dweck and Alix Malka. 

Some of Dweck’s sensual underwater pictures @ In Fashion Photo 2008







Alix Malka’s work at In Fashion Photo 2008




O.H.W.O.W on the fringes of Miami’s Art Basel 2008

20 Dec

The O.H.W.O.W. art space, directed by Aaron Bondaroff and Al Moran, was an interesting venue. It was a pretty large space with three main exhibition areas and a club. They brought a variety of projects such as the Deitch Projects among many others. This event gathered the work of thirty artists in a gallery/warehouse west of the Wynwood District. In the warehouse part of the space, graffiti decorated the walls were a DJ started the night with Miami style bass.

pfahler_work_6Two notable pieces in this art space were the pieces by Ara Peterson and Kembra Pfahler. O.H.W.O.W. not only brought art, but music as they started of the week with DJ JD Samson from Le Tigre and A.R.E. Weapons. On Dec. 4th The Gossip’s Beth Ditto and guitarist Mick Jagged hosted a Karaoke event with guests. Outside an ice cream truck handed out ice cream, and free Camparis and Grolsch’s were served to the people that slowly trickled in from other events.

In all reality, The Gossip’s Beth Ditto commanding soulful voice should have kicked off Art Basel on the beach, and Yelle would have been a more suitable performance for this artsy industrial space. But it seems to me that O.H.W.O.W organizers are in tune with the ongoing rise of Miami’s art scene, and they are investing in quality music and art.

Video of Beth Ditto at a UK Awards Ceremony dueting with Jarvis Cocker

Yelle Loves Art @ Art Basel 2008: Miami Beach

20 Dec


yelleArt Basel kicked off the fair on the evening of December 3rd with French group Yelle playing live on the beach. Yelle is a French group, whose front-woman Julie Budet, is flirty yet awkward, which makes her a natural performer. Yelle’s electro is fun to dance to and its electro song “À Cause des Garçons” has supposedly contributed to a teen dance craze in France, because its video showcases a troupe of dancers called the Tecktoniks, which completely cater to the “Nu Rave” scene.

Since Art Basel started its Miami version in 2002, it has brought bands like the New York DollsPeaches, and Iggy Pop—an unruly crowd of punks. In fact, this year Art Basel kept its punk rock vibe during its summer event in Switzerland, by having Patti Smith play at its inauguration. So, when the festival announced Yelle as the performers for the Art Loves Music concert it was quite a surprise.  Some people said the event was cutting down its Miami budget, while event organizers said that many artists they booked kept canceling on them. 

Regardless, here is my take on Yellemini_400_images_yelle_ce_jeu_groupe

The show started at 10PM and it was free, open to the public, and lasted an hour. The venue as always was great because the stage is set right on the beach, so you have waves crashing and the ocean breeze flowing, while you listen the show. Yelle aimed to please and they played full force. Their set was especially fun right after they played the Tepr remix of “À Cause des Garçons.” They also played “Je te vex voir,” “Ce Jeu” and my favorite “Amour du Sol,” which is totally romantic. My only complaint of the show was the crowd… what a bunch of downers. Although it is difficult to have a LOUD live show on the beach, because the wind carries the sound, the crowd was overall “too cool” to dance.

Video of Yelle’s Performance…